A University Centers Placemaking, Equity, and Joy in its Educational Model

A "free people's university," the University of Orange in New Jersey, emphasizes civic participation and its free courses range from music theory to urban planning to empower the residents of the city of Orange, as Next City reports.

The university’s website states:

The University of Orange is a free people’s university that builds collective capacity for people to create more equitable cities. We solve the problems of our world by learning to see the richness of our cities, becoming lifelong learners, participating in civic life, and having fun with our neighbors.

The University of Orange's core urbanism principles, explained Molly Rose Kaufman, the university’s cofounder, to Next City, include acknowledging and fighting racism, keeping the whole city in mind, understanding “there’s never nothing there” and that “everything we need is already here.” “It’s about activating a love and joy for your city as a part of your organizing and what you want to see in the future,” she said.

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Image: University of Orange website