Reaching the Most Marginalized in the Midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic

No matter the community where we live, the coronavirus pandemic has quickly exposed the already-rampant inequity in America, as a recent article in Forbes stated.

Let’s talk about the “other pandemic.” In many ways, it’s no surprise that the same groups that have faced persistent poverty and histories of discrimination are now also the ones at higher risk of contracting and succumbing to coronavirus, and bearing the brunt of its economic cost. It’s critical, therefore, that we make sure to support those who face layers of marginalization with our dollars in this moment. As impact investors, we assess whether or not an investment is likely to further positive structural change by how it affects the most vulnerable within our communities. Philanthropy can follow a similar trajectory, by prioritizing giving to relief funds that understand the on-the-ground challenges being faced by those at the highest risk.

In this article there's a call to donate generously "with tax deduction limitations on donations reduced and in some cases lifted all together — so you can get more while you give more" and a list of communities who can use the support.

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