A List of Ways to Partner with Community Artists

VIBE Collective, a network of artists in the intersection of art, culture, and education that "seek to create spaces for community transformation and healing," shares a list of ways to partner with community artists.

Being often on the receiving end of experiences with businesses and civic and cultural institutions led to this list published on the Americans for the Arts blog:

  • "Make grants more accessible to community artists."
  • "Co-create grant proposals for projects with community artists."
  • "Help improve the health of the gig economy."
  • "Invest resources into artists of marginalized identities."
  • "Partner, not patronize—don’t tokenize."
  • "As a leader in the arts: check your privilege, be held accountable, give up power."
  • "Hire community artists for community engagement campaigns/projects."
  • "Community works at the pace of relationship, not email."
  • "Come to our events, performances, shows, workshops."
  • "Fund artists. We are leaders."

Read the blog post here.

Image: VIBE Collective / Facebook