How Grantmakers Respond to the Deadliest Wildfire in California

The deadliest and most devastating wildfire in California history has killed at least 77 people and, according to authorities, more than 990 people are missing in Butte County. In response to these fires, the Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP) has launched the CDP California Wildfires Recovery Fund to support strategic medium- to long-term recovery.

"As with most disasters, cash donations are recommended by disaster experts as they allow for on-the-ground agencies to direct funds to the greatest area of need, support economic recovery, and ensure donation management doesn’t detract from disaster recovery needs," the CDP states.

Southern California Grantmakers published a webpage with resources on how to help those affected by the wildfires while Northern California Grantmakers also published a site with resources and ways to help.

Inside Philanthropy wrote Philanthropy California, comprising Northern California Grantmakers, Southern California Grantmakers, and San Diego Grantmakers, recently hosted a briefing with local responders and funders that featured speakers offering perspectives on anticipated community needs and the best ways for funders to help. "One of the key goals in the current wildfire efforts is to establish grantmaking relief strategies that promote equity among all local residents," reported Inside Philanthropy.

The United Way of Northern California set up a fund to provide immediate cash grants to people who have been evacuated and have lost their homes, according to Inside Philanthropy.

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Image: Thomas Ehling / Unsplash