A Cultural Strategy for Belonging: A report

In his foreword for The Haas Institute’s "Notes on A Cultural Strategy" report, director john a. powell writes that "culture can move people in a way that policies cannot. People largely organize themselves and operate around stories and beliefs, not around facts."

The report, as The Haas Institute explains, outlines "a cultural strategy for belonging that centers the leadership, voices, storytelling, practices, and knowledge of people and communities who are marginalized in our society."

powell says,

Building a culture of belonging is not the same as simply removing barriers. We must also organize our spaces, our structures, and our policies to do the work we need to build the world we want to live in. We have to work together to build a well-developed ecosystem that supports our work. We need research and analysis, we need inclusive narratives, and we need organizing, which is about building power. And we need all these things activated and in alignment—and all of these move through culture. Developing our new story will take a lot of work.

Read the foreword here.

Images: laszlo zakarias / Pixabay