Cultivating Demand for the Arts

Arts Learning, Arts Engagement, and State Arts Policy

Laura Zakaras and Julia F. Lowell

2008, 125 pages. The Wallace Foundation, 5 Penn Plaza, 7th floor, New York, NY, 10001, 212-251-9700,

This is the third in a series of documents describing a multiyear study of the changing roles and missions of state arts agencies (SAAs). The two earlier RAND reports—State Arts Agencies 1965–2003: Whose Interests to Serve? and The Arts and State Governments: At Arm's Length or Arm in Arm?—document shifts in thinking about the purposes of public funding for the arts and how closely SAAs should be working with elected officials and other state agencies. This third report is intended to help SAAs better understand how to cultivate long-term involvement in the arts and policies that will best support that objective. Besides SAAs, the intended audience is a broad range of policymakers in both the arts and education, as well as arts professionals, arts educators, community leaders, and members of the public.