Creative Placemaking

Dr. Ann Markusen, principal of Markusen Economic Research Services, and Anne Gadwa, principal with Metris Arts Consulting


   Creative Placemaking (4.7Mb)

Creative Placemaking features sections on the:

  • Challenges for creative placemaking such as clearing regulatory hurdles and developing evaluation metrics.
  • Components of successful projects including mobilizing public will and designing around distinctiveness.
  • Recommendations for integrating creative placemaking into public policies.

The report concludes with fourteen case studies from different communities across the country. Those case studies are:

  • Art—A Rural Community’s Newest Crop: Arnaudville, Louisiana
  • After Autos … Artists: Artspace Buffalo Lofts: Buffalo, New York
  • After School Matters in Chicago, Illinois
  • Community Developers Partner with Theaters: Cleveland, Ohio’s Gordon Square Arts District
  • Art as Healing: Fond du Lac Reservation, Minnesota
  • Art Shores Up the Walk of Fame: Remaking Los Angeles, California’s Hollywood
  • Chasing Artists, Not Smokestacks: Paducah, Kentucky Artist Relocation Program
  • Transforming Neighborhoods and Lives: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s Mural Arts Program
  • Animating Infrastructure: Phoenix, Arizona Public Art Program
  • Building Community, Boosting Ridership: TriMet’s Interstate MAX Public Art Program: Portland, Oregon
  • Mayors and Artists Spark a Renaissance: Providence, Rhode Island
  • Marrying Art to Technology: 01SJ Biennial: San José, California
  • Artists, the Third Leg of the Cultural Stool: Creative Entrepreneur Project, San José, California
  • Unusual Bedfellows Transform the City of Music: Seattle, Washington

The full text of this report is available here along with other arts and community design resources including: