Creative Family Giving in the Arts

A New GIA Field Resource Book

GIA is pleased to announce the publication of Creative Family Giving in the Arts, the second volume in its series of Field Resource Books. The book portrays a variety of innovative programs of support for the arts and artists, and emphasizes giving by small family foundations and programs that make grants under $10,000. The project was co-chaired by Kathleen O'Grady of the O'Grady Foundation and Mercy Pavelic' of the Heathcote Art Foundation. The book was researched and written by Laurel Jones and Morrie Warshawski of the Bay Consulting Group, and edited by Anne Focke, GIA executive director. It is published by GIA with support from the Ford Foundation, the Durfee Foundation, the Heathcote Art Foundation, the Karma Foundation, the LEF Foundation, the O'Grady Family Foundation, and other small family foundations. Copies are distributed to GIA members as a benefit of membership and are available to others for $12.00 including shipping and handling from GIA.