The Arts and the Small Community 2006

Maryo Gard Ewell and Michael F. Warlum

Arts Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Arts Board, and Americans for the Arts are happy to announce the republication of the landmark 1969 book, The Arts in the Small Community, by Maryo Gard Ewell and Michael F. Warlum. The new guide stays true to its original roots and mission set forth by Wisconsin's community arts pioneer Robert Gard, but has been thoroughly updated to address contemporary examples in the realm of community arts.

The updated The Arts in the Small Community addresses a number of important issues, including: creating an arts plan for small communities; organizing the arts and strong leadership; the fundamentals of environment, people, and organizations that an arts plan should address; and why the arts are such a strong community development tool.

Book Info: 155 pp, spiral bound (2006)
Publisher: Robert E. Gard Foundation

Available online from Americans for the Arts