2009-2011 Foundation Operations Report

The tool for small foundation benchmarking

Association of Small Foundations

2009, 58 pages (12-page special supplement: Impact of the Market Decline). Association of Small Foundations, 1720 N Street NW, Washington, DC, 20036, 202-580-6560, www.smallfoundations.org

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The Association of Small Foundations' (ASF) 2009-2011 report is based on the 11th survey of ASF member foundations. 814 foundations, all meeting the ASF qualification of few or no staff, are represented. The survey serves as a measure for small foundations in the areas of boards, investments, administration, and grantmaking by providing detailed statistics on over four dozen operating details and principles. Included with the report is a 12-page special supplement on the impact of the market decline on asset management and grantmaking strategies.