Still Hungry

Ute, these are great points. I think you are helping me sort through issues of assessment and value. I believe that the motivations of selection are with the best intentions and that the rubrics created are about insuring the best outcomes of that particular rubric. I believe the conversation I’m having in my head is about the rubric. I am interested in turning back to the responsibility of the artist.

At the outset of our conversation, I suggested that artists should not only apply to grants and dream big, artists have the burden of digging deep to try to understand the methods of grant evaluation, relationship development and investigating other revenue streams. I want so bad to hear from both artists who have been on both sides of this issue and folk outside of this conversation. I will reach out to friends to see if we can generate more conversation on this topic. I have to get on a plane, so I’m rushing from the dinner table. Thanks for such thoughtful responses. You are making me a believer… something.