Our Guests Are Arriving


Aretha was a nice touch. While I rarely play the role of the victim, it IS easy to criminalize funders, partly because young, emerging and even some professional artists have such a complex relationship to money and people with it. These two worlds that often seem very far from each other; the world of the philanthropist or the philanthropic steward and that of the maker. Often the maker’s world feels like one where creativity is key above all and those with wealth seem to have a primary mission of money above all. I am starting to understand that the nature of people, organizations and systemic structures are so much more complicated. As a result, it is very important that folk talk to each other about personal mission, organizational mission and sometimes, personality stuff. Since our guests are arriving, metaphorically and hopefully, some respondents will jump in, I want to begin to take the conversation toward deeper waters and encourage both the funding community and the arts community to engage in the deeper end with us.

Artists are often less concern with resources than the entrepreneurs who have amassed wealth and are in position to support new works. I think one of the gaps that I see in the funding market is that funders don’t talk with artists about how to become wealthy! It’s a constant handing of fish instead of teaching. Its always interesting to me when organizations create endowments as a way to maintain their institutions. I am shocked that more individuals artists haven’t found creative ways to dive into this and other economic strategies as a way of using the existing system to sustain a practice. I wish an organization would give artists the tools to think more effectively about money. Its been fun to watch friends win awards, but so often, the resources simply help us get through the next 3 months or year. Could be interesting if the resources also came with a little bit of financial advice. The grant is great, but the financial skill of the philanthropist who has the money to give away is also tremendous. I guess I am suggesting that artists need more than your money and wants to give more than “kisses” and “propas”. Maybe the respect comes from deep sharing of resources. A deeper relationship than pay for play.

I will research structures that help artists make better use of the grants that we get.
Thinking more about what other things I need besides money is super important in this kind of relationship.
I am interested in alternative funding sources that allow me to be a successful maker.
More Aretha.

Ute, as guests will be coming in soon, I am curious as to what would you like to see more of from artists when they apply to Artadia? Can you talk a little bit about your selection processes, how they morph over time and with different personalities of juries-

I am curious about your processes.