Solidarity and Action: Affinity Groups and Funders Meet to Achieve Collaboration

At a time where there is a critical need for unity and the energy of collaboration, affinity groups and funders from across the US will convene on February 12th and 13th for the 2018 Affinity Equity Summit and Solidarity, Defense and Action Funder Briefing, at the Scottish Rite Center in Oakland, California.

"The ultimate goal of the briefing will be to come together and shape strategies that defend and move forward efforts to protect people, place and planet," mentions the agenda.

"This joint funder briefing will be a unique opportunity to interact with funders across multiple sectors. Ignite speeches from thought leaders, ad hoc conversations on litigation and communications strategies, and facilitated workshops will all be included as part of the agenda," details the announcement on this event, which is possible by the partnership of several groups like Grantmakers in the Arts (GIA).

Speakers include Alicia Garza, Black Lives Matter co-founder; Saru Jayaraman, organizer for women and restaurant-worker rights and advocate for the #TimesUp campaign; Elizabeth Barajas-Roman, new CEO of the Solidago Foundation and leader across sectors on health, gender, and immigration issues; Rodney McKenzie, vice president of Demos offering years of grassroots experience in the LGBTQ and faith communities; and Wei Lee, program coordinator for ASPIRE seeking to increase visibility and create safe spaces for Asian-Pacific Islander undocumented immigrants.

"This is a cross-sector gathering of philanthropy-serving affinity organizations in which we will discuss how we can collaborate toward the end of greater social equity across all our work, a theme through all of GIA’s work," has said Eddie Torres, GIA's president and CEO.

Read the agenda and the list of speakers.

Image courtesy: 2018 Affinity Equity Summit and Solidarity, Defense and Action Funder Briefing