Indigenous Resource Network

Indigenous Resource Network

Submitted by Steve on Wed, 2012-11-28 15:58

Welcome to the online discussion


We are hosting this conversation to generate and gather Indigenous perspectives on the topic of equity in arts and cultural philanthropy, all of which will be edited and published in the Winter issue of the GIA Reader. As you are most likely aware, GIA has been exploring the topic of equity in arts and culture philanthropy for more than a year, and several sessions and roundtables at the recent Miami conference addressed this topic. What continues to be missing from the conversations on equity in philanthropy is an informed perspective on the ways that Native experiences and worldviews are markedly different from non-white or non-European communities or groups. The idea of sovereignty is generally absent from these conversations, as is a recognition of the range of cultural differences among the Indigenous Peoples across the continent, Indigenous knowledge and ways of knowing, etc.

The equity conversation in philanthropy will continue over the next year or more in GIA and elsewhere, and we have the opportunity to inform and elevate these conversations. These recent publications have been at the center of this work:

This discussion will be open from November 29 through December 13. Please check back often.

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