Grantmakers in the Arts Request for Proposals – Consultant

Grantmakers in the Arts (GIA) seeks a consulting partner. This consultant would help our nation’s arts grantmaking community increasingly become investors in culture. The consultant would help GIA identify ways to support our members’ embrace of alternative funding models and new economic models.

GIA will engage a consultant who will conduct research to advise GIA how to program content related to how alternative funding models and new economies could serve as tools for our members to support culture and artists in a manner that is racially equitable.

For the sake of this proposal, we are using the following as differences between alternative economic models and new economies:

Alternative funding models expand who receives funding (including unincorporated entities, fiscally sponsored entities, individual artists, private businesses, among others) and the forms of support (investment, loans, space, access to resources like professional development, among others).

New economies are models that recognize multiple forms of currency beyond just the dollar – such as organizing – as a unit of exchange. New economies include new business models such as worker ownership and advocacy for new policies that support these economies.

GIA does not consider the above descriptions definitive and are eager to be further educated on these issues by the consultant.

GIA proposes to further explore and elucidate the difference between alternative funding models and new economies in order to inform our members as well as to inform subsequent areas of focus for GIA’s programming.

The consultant GIA engages will research the following:

  • Differences and areas of overlap between alternative funding models and new economies
  • Principle players in these spaces (Who is doing what?)
  • Examples of racially equitable alternative funding models and new economies
  • Patterns in this work
  • Principles to promote
  • Opportunities for coordination between actors
  • Opportunities for investment
  • Barriers to adoption
  • Who to influence

The Consultancy

Grantmakers in the Arts projects an approximate timeline of approximately 2 months for this project with a budget of approximately $20,000 to pay the consultant for their hours and expenses.

Please fill in this Request for Proposals (RFP) and email it to GIA President & CEO Eddie Torres at by October 1, 2020 with the subject line GIA Alternative Funding: Your name.

  • Name of Consultancy/Consultant
  • Name of Primary Investigator
  • Contact information
  • Please provide information on your professional background
  • Please provide examples of past research and strategizing assistance that may be relevant to this project (hyperlinks or attachments). Please articulate how the projects reflect on your ability to add value to this project. Please articulate how the projects reflect on your working methods and on the values through which you approach your work
  • References from past projects (3)

About GIA

Grantmakers in the Arts (GIA) provides leadership and service that advances the use of philanthropic and governmental resources to support the growth of arts and culture. GIA is the only national association of both public and private arts and culture funders in the US, including independent and family foundations, public agencies, community foundations, corporate philanthropies, nonprofit regrantors, and national service organizations across the US and into Canada.

GIA provides valuable professional development for arts grantmakers through conferences, workshops, and webinars; publications including the GIA Reader; research and policy work across the field of philanthropy; and communication tools on our website.

GIA has identified four core focus areas for our work: Arts Education, Capitalization and Nonprofit Financial Health, Racial Equity in Arts Funding, and Support for Individual Artists. GIA also strives to incorporate into our programs other interest areas of concern to our members.