flounder (poem)

Sarah Menefee

he sits on the stone seat in the river of Market
and looks into the light

the light changes he said and I feel time

he speaks of the slant of the golden light when the season turns
and it seems the night with its mystery is coming

the light is a veil of life

he speaks of the sidewalk wet in the rain
I think of his words when I’m out in the wet
The occult perfume of cement

I wake up in the morning and call for my mother like I never did before
what was that you dreamed about time? that word you made?

he is the pearl in my sight
he sits in the light on Market St

we are all looking for the beloved
we are too drunk but we fall down looking
burning for love not knowing how

broke my heart for him to know

the hurt of the little things of the world the innocents
in the world
the earthly paradise

what is the work?
what is the job?

earth sweating earth shaking

you have worked too long on Market St he said
don’t I just know it

help me and Petey get through another day
the pitbull Petey with his pink nose

peaceful homeless dogs

down at the side of the human river we weep
we hurry around looking for lunch

there is the flounder on her bed of rice

Copyright © 2005 Sarah Menefee. Originally published in Human Star (Heretical Texts Vol. 1, No. 4) (2005), Factory School. Reprinted with permission from author.