ArtsBuild to Change its Grantmaking Model to Fund Wider Range of Arts Organizations

From the Times Free Press:

Beginning July 1, the leading organization for funding Chattanooga arts programming will restructure how the money it raises is disbursed and who can get it in hopes of reaching more arts organizations and more people in the community. . . . For the last 48 years, as few as five and as many as 16 arts organizations in Chattanooga could count on ArtsBuild — originally the Allied Arts Fund and later Allied Arts of Greater Chattanooga — to help raise a portion of their annual operating funds. Part of Allied Arts' original mission was to be a single fundraising body for a select few agencies, and ArtsBuild has continued that effort. . . .

That old model will end on July 1, when ArtsBuild moves to a three-tiered method of doling out grants to a wider selection of arts organizations throughout the area, [ArtsBuild President Dan Bowers] said.

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