What We're Watching: Recommendations for Documentary Impact Funders

Media Impact Funders hosts the Member Briefing, "Recommendations for documentary impact funders," on May 24 at 1pm ET. The hour-long zoom meeting features Denae Peters (Perspective Fund), Daniel Forkkio (Represent Justice), and Shaady Salehi (Trust-based Philanthropy Project). It is open to all funders.

"Over a series of sessions hosted in 2020 and 2021, Perspective Fund gathered its current and recent grantees whose work serves as the backbone of the documentary impact field. These grantees, all focused on strengthening and innovating different aspects of the impact ecosystem, gathered not only to build community but to participate in a two-way channel of conversation about what Perspective Fund (and funders like them) can do to elevate their support 'beyond the check.'"

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