What We're Watching: Learning from failure in philanthropy

The AVPN conference plans to livestream their session, "Learning from failure in philanthropy," from Bali on June 23 at 8:45 CEST.

"In this event, our panelists will answer the following questions:"

  • What has been the Asian experience of this?
  • Which funders and social investors have engaged with these questions?
  • How do they adapt their strategy and put resources behind learning to profit from mistakes
  • What kind of cultural changes are necessary for them to become genuine learning organisations?
  • What are some of the examples of best practice in learning from failures and how can these be adapted by other organisations

Panelists include Akhil Shahani (Shahani Group), Jennifer Chen (The Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation), Stefan Schaefers (King Baudouin Foundation), Sumit Joshi (Lorinet Foundation), and Andrew Milner (Alliance).

Register for the livestream here.