What We're Watching: Leaders Never Stop Emerging: Embracing the Next Generation of Philanthropic Changemakers

"Join Submittable with philanthropy leader Storme Gray in a discussion about how emerging social impact leaders can unlock the right doors and keep them open." "What do emerging leaders in philanthropy need to succeed? And what can current leadership learn from the up-and-coming generation?"

The 35-minute podcast episode discusses, "how to support true equity and make space for the full human experience." Digging into:

  • How philanthropic organizations can recruit and retain diverse talent
  • The value of curiosity, inquiry, and collective care
  • How global interconnectedness shapes a new ethos for emerging leaders
  • The power of pausing your inbox
  • Why everyone is a leader in their own right (and continuously emerging)
  • Advice for new talent seeking to make a career in philanthropy

Listen to the full episode here.