What We're Watching: Field Conversation | The Aftermath: Supporting Black Arts Workers after the 2020 Racial Reckoning

From Artist Communities Alliance: ACA’s President and CEO, Lisa Funderburke hosts a conversation with four arts leaders, who are committed to supporting Black arts workers in the artist residency field and beyond.
Panelists include:

  • Dr. Samantha E. Erskine, Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Quanice Floyd, Executive Director, National Guild for Community Arts Education
  • Jeffreen M. Hayes, Ph.D., Executive Director, Threewalls
  • Paul Rucker, Artist, Assistant Professor Virginia Commonwealth University, Executive Director of Cary Forward

The year 2020 was marked by platitudes and statements from organizations promising change for racial equity. Was there in fact a reckoning in the arts? Were these well-publicized pledges backed up with clear and consistent action? Are Black arts workers and artists receiving more support outside of your organization and within your professional communities? What can non-Black arts workers do to create true transformation? Through an open conversation, panelists will discuss these questions and more, holding accountable the arts sector as we work towards transformative action.

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