What We're Reading: Seven Ways Philanthropy Can Invest in the Rest and Healing of Social Justice Leaders

From Forward Promise: "The grind of movement work takes an extra toll on leaders of color. Through their lived experiences, they are well-acquainted with the same dehumanization and racial trauma that they are committed to eradicating from society. Oftentimes, leaders of color are bearing this emotional, physical, and mental cost—the tax that they pay for their social consciousness—alone. They should not have to drive themselves to sickness or death in the war on racism. Right now, funders can do more than merely applaud their martyrdom by investing in the well-being of leaders of color in seven key ways."

  • Respect the expertise of leaders of color.
  • Acknowledge the burden they shoulder.
  • Stop racial disparities in funding that further drain leaders of color.
  • Clear a path to healing with multi-year general operating support.
  • Fund for the longevity of leaders.
  • Drive the conversation about the importance of rest.
  • Expedite your action.

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