What We're Reading: Roe vs Wade, and a wake-up call to progressive funders everywhere

From author Vu for Nonprofit AF: "Justice has been dealt a significant blow. Many of us are distraught, wondering how we can continue when an unceasing barrage of death and violence continues raining down on our communities day after day. However, many of us are more pissed off than anything. We’re going to keep fighting."

"However, we need the resources, support, and trust to do our work. And those things have always been in short supply for progressive organizations and movements. We have been running on fumes, on shoestring budgets, on hope and prayer and duct tape, because so many funders continue to be completely oblivious to how destructive their practices are. There are some great funders, but they are rare. The majority just constantly make our work harder, and we need to have a serious discussion."

"The way right-wing foundations fund has been devastating effective. We need progressive funders to do the same. We lost this battle, but the war against injustice is far from over. If funders who claim to be aligned with equity and justice want to be helpful, here, again, are some things we need you to do:

  • Fund abortion orgs
  • Fund organizing and mobilizing
  • Fund voting rights
  • Rethink your strategic plans
  • Get political
  • Create legal defense funds for progressive activists
  • Give multi-year, general operating funds
  • Fund outside your geographic area also
  • Collaborate with trusted intermediaries so you can get funds out faster
  • Increase your payout now"

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