What We're Reading: Nonprofit and philanthropy: Stop with the BS and get serious about fighting White supremacy

"Last week, we were reeling from the Supreme Court’s leaked decision to overturn Roe vs Wade. People will die, especially Black, Indigenous, Latine, Asians, and NH/PI, and low-income people, because safe abortions will still remain accessible to higher-income mostly White people," said author Vu Le.

"This week, a White man drove 200 miles to Buffalo and murdered 10 people, most of whom were Black, citing the 'Great replacement theory' espoused by many right-wing White supremacists. It is horrifying, and my heart breaks for the families of those who were murdered by this racist terrorist."

How can funders and philanthropists combat white supremacy within the operations of our sector?

The proposed solutions include:

  1. Increase your payout rates
  2. Fund organizing work, especially work led by marginalized communities
  3. Get political
  4. Support movement leaders
  5. Knock it off with all the grant application bullshit

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