What We're Listening To: Pro-Blackness as a Way of Knowing and Being

From Nonprofit Quarterly: "I have the privilege of being interviewed by Cyndi for the [piece] 'Pro-Blackness is Aspirational.' I think that a couple of things came up for me when thinking about this one. It was like, how do you talk about the aspiration of pro-Blackness without making people feel like we’re not making any inroads right now? Or feel anxious that it’s interminable, racism is interminable?"

"...what does pro-Blackness look like in different parts of the sector, because, existing within the radical left flank where, like, people always tell us, 'Your ideas are not politically possible, they’re not logistically possible' when we’re trying to help people imagine a future that is super radical and super pro-Black, and we’re often dismissed or disregarded in that way. And reading these articles has really helped me to understand where different people inside of social movements exist on the pro-Black spectrum, and how people are thinking about these ideas. And offers me some insight into maybe how narrow some of the spaces that I’m in can be when they’re deeply radical—when they see the nonprofit infrastructure as being something that is not useful to them, but instead an impediment."

Listen to the full interview here.