October Member Spotlight: Fundación Banco Popular

In 2022, after more than two decades of investing in this space, we launched a unique educational model that seeks to fill the gaps in the current educational offer in Puerto Rico through the integration and expansion of existing services; as well as the addition of new components adjusted to the needs of a global music industry in constant growth and technological transformation. 

The model consists of six phases of musical talent development: 1) Introduction to music, 2) Instrument specialization, 3) Performance, 4) Music instruments donation, 5) Preparation for university, and 6) Mini grants that support college education and the first steps on the students’ career path. It also integrates a curriculum focused on developing skills related to artistic technique, cultural context and historical context of music, musical entrepreneurship, and technology for the development of music.  

This model is implemented through our proprietary music education programs, such as Aceleración Musical (residential summer internship) and Revive la Música, and by  partner organizations that affect each phase: Make Music Happen, Asociación de Padres y Amigos de las Orquestas Secundarias y Superiores, Fundación Música y País, Taller Folklórico de la Montaña, Coro de Niños de San Juan, Corporación de las Artes Musicales, Programa de Música 100 x 35 (Conservatorio de Música de Puerto Rico). 

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