New Resource: Equitable Contracting for Dance Touring

From Dance/USA: "In Spring 2020, COVID-19 set off a wave of performance and residency cancellations. The termination of contracts through the invocation of Force Majeure was devastating to artists, managers, presenters and in some cases, to their relationships. By June 2020, Dance/USA members from the Agents, Managers, Producers and Promoters (AMPP) Council and the Presenters Council formed a Joint Working Group to address the question: 'Can we identify some practical ways to support more equitable partnerships and financial balance within our already fragile dance touring ecosystem.'"

"Over the course of 7 months, members of the Joint Working Group discussed, tested and put into practice various remedies and hypotheses, culminating in the creation of Equitable Contracting, a shareable, living document meant to specifically address imbalances in contracting and the Force Majeure process."

"The group outlined three principles:
I. Fair and Equitable Contracting: 'Engagement' vs. 'Performance'
II. Fair and Equitable Payment Structures: 'Payments & Deliverables' vs. 'Deposit'
III. Fair and Equitable Force Majeure/Cancellations: 'Just because it's legal, doesn't mean it's good business.' Force Majeure does not have to mean immediate termination"

"To gain access to the document, please complete the form here - it is available to all in the field. While the document does not provide specific contract language, the hope is that it may offer some practical ideas and suggestions for contracts that support more equitable business practices and field wide sustainability."