New Report: A Place to be Heard; a Space to Feel Held: Black Perspectives on Creativity, Trustworthiness, Welcome and Well-Being–Findings from a Qualitative Study

The Wallace Foundation has released a new report that, "suggests that Black communities most value arts experiences that celebrate their creativity, support self-care, earn their trust and foster a sense of belonging."

This study served as, "a follow-up to a 2020 report that suggested that Black Americans are less likely than others to participate in the arts, seeks to better understand cultural and creative preferences among Black communities. Researchers conducted open-ended, 90-minute interviews with 50 Black Americans from across the U.S. Four main ideas emerged."

They found that Black communities were drawn toward organizations that:

1. Celebrate Black creativity;

2. Support self-care, a practice that respondents say is especially important in Black communities;

3. Make a sustained commitment to earn Black communities’ trust; and

4. Foster a sense of belonging among Black communities.

Read the full report here.