New Report: ASC's Cultural Equity Report

From ASC: In 2015, ASC began its journey towards cultural equity. Why? Because ASC’s staff and board realized that — to truly achieve the organization’s vision of “Culture for All”— all Charlotte-Mecklenburg residents must have equitable opportunity to participate in the cultural life of our region as audiences, volunteers, artists, administrators, board members and donors. ASC believes that everyone has cultural traditions that are inherently valuable, and that artists, scientists and historians play a unique role in challenging inequities and inspiring human understanding, justice and opportunity for all. 

Since beginning its cultural equity journey, ASC has:
• Expanded Operating Support Grants to new grassroots and multicultural organizations
• Restructured project-based funding as Cultural Vision Grants to align with community priorities and diversify the funding pool
• Started Catalyst for Cultural Equity, a program that prepares arts and culture nonprofit professionals to help advance cultural equity in their organizations
• Launched Culture Blocks, a Mecklenburg County-funded program to provide arts and cultural experiences closer to where people live
• Started two artist fellowship programs that demonstrate ASC’s belief investing in Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s creative individuals benefits the region’s overall cultural climate
• Increased support for Regional Artist Project Grants, now called Artist Support Grants
• Aligned ASC supported education programs with key opportunity measures (PreK readiness, 3rd grade reading, middle school transition, high school
graduation) as defined by community priorities
• Expanded opportunities for local/regional artists to receive Public Art commissions
• Focused workshops & training opportunities around issues of diversity, equity and inclusion
• Approved a Cultural Equity Statement that guides ASC’s work and provides a framework to set organizational policies and practices

Read the full report here.