New Fund: Centro de Economía Creativa and Mellon Foundation Announce “Maniobra” in Puerto Rico

The Mellon Foundation has partnered with Centro de Economía Creativa for, "a newly launched $8 million cultural employment initiative created to facilitate stable employment opportunities for artists while strengthening the administrative bandwidth of community-based cultural organizations across Puerto Rico."

From the Mellon Foundation: "Puerto Rican artists play critical leadership roles within their communities, yet often live in a state of financial precarity, earning a median annual income of approximately $16,000 for their work, with 46% generating less than $12,000 annually. Through Maniobra, CEC and the Mellon Foundation underscore the labor of artists as valued work, while modeling remuneration that reflects artists’ formal education, experience, and contributions to society."

Mellon Foundation President, Elizabeth Alexander, looks forward to, "...supporting the archipelago’s artistic and cultural organizations, and broadly fostering the work and preservation of Puerto Rican culture at a time when stable employment and funding for these efforts has been imperiled."

Read the full announcement here.