ICYMI: NDN Collective Celebrates Indigenous Peoples' Day By Uplifting indigenous Power Building Through Art, Voter Engagement and Landback

"On Indigenous Peoples’ Day, NDN Collective took part in several events to celebrate and uplift the brilliance and resilience of Indigenous Peoples – participating in Indigenous Peoples’ Day Phoenix Fest in Arizona, the Grantmakers in the Arts Conference in New York and opening up pre-sale opportunities for the inaugural issue of the LANDBACK Magazine."

“We came as guests onto the lands of the Lenape, Munsee, Shinnecock, Wappinger & Canarsie Peoples. And while the place now known as the City of New York does not yet officially recognize Indigenous Peoples’ Day, and still honors a colonizer with a full blown Columbus Day parade, the Peoples of this land remain steadfast in their resistance and resilience,” said Gaby Strong, NDN Foundation Managing Director. “We shared our similar struggles and our collective energy as part of the LandBack movement.”

“If we’re fighting for the liberation of our people, then I’m going to use every single tactic available to me in that fight. If I have the ability to cast a vote to influence who I am sitting across the table with, then hell yeah I’m going to use that power, because I’m all about any means necessary – whether it be voting, taking it to the streets, buying land or occupying land,” said Nick Tilsen, NDN Collective President and CEO.

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