ICYMI: The Liberatory World We Want to Create: Loving Accountability and the Limitations of Cancel Culture

Authors Aja Couchois Duncan and Kad Smith explore how, "in our nonprofit sector, we are often confronted with making sense of the widespread translatability of cultural moments and forces. We don’t have to look far to see how cancel culture informs the way in which we experience everyday interactions on the Internet and in real life." How can we separate ourselves from toxicity, and bring healing instead?

Examples of, "[drawing] on inner work and healing practices to both replenish ourselves and cultivate our individual and collective resilience," include tapping into awareness, honoring the sacred, cultivating compassion, re-yoking our bodies, and nourishing our human forms. "Our mutuality flourishes when our love ethic is strong. And our love ethic is nourished by the practice of loving accountability. Loving accountability means we are learning together, and that we are risking vulnerability in service of creating authentic connection and a better future."

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