Tatiana Hernandez Joins The Kresge Foundation as Senior Program Officer

The Kresge Foundation has announced the appointment of Tatiana Hernandez as senior program officer with the foundation’s Arts and Culture Program. Hernandez joins a Kresge team dedicated to helping community organizations bring creative placemaking into underserved low-income neighborhoods in cities across the US.

Hernandez also serves on the board of Grantmakers in the Arts, among other boards.

Most recently, she was Arts Director at the Hemera Foundation in Boulder, Colorado where she developed a program exploring the intersection of creativity and reflective practices. Before, as program officer for the arts for the Knight Foundation, she led the Knight Arts Challenge.

“We are thrilled to have Tatiana join our team and look forward to connecting her with our grantees and partners,” said Regina R. Smith, managing director of the Arts and Culture Program.

Read The Kresge Foundation’s full announcement.