A Radical Imagination Fund for Indigenous Artists and Culture Bearers

NDN Collective recently launched the Radical Imagination Grant to support six Indigenous artists/culture bearers of all traditions, mediums and genres, that will be awarded grants of $50,000, according to the website.

As Gaby Strong (Sisseton Wahpeton Dakota), NDN Collective director of Grantmaking and GIA board member, wrote, "the time for radical imagination and transformation is now."

Strong added:

While we grapple with a global pandemic and the demands for justice, there is no better time for Indigenous voices and leadership to bring forward the blueprints for justice and equity. We know that we can bring beauty, creativity and innovation to a new system, co-creating a new way and a new world that is truly just for all people and the planet.

For the fund, as the website explains,

Artists may propose a one year budget that includes a living stipend, as well as support for the supplies and equipment necessary to publicly amplify the work and develop a community messaging platform. 12% of funds must also support artist self-care, health and well-being. Grant funds are considered taxable income and artists will be responsible for managing related income tax related standards. Artists must report and share their creative progress on a quarterly basis. Funds will be distributed in accordance with a 12-month work plan and projected budget.

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Image: Dulcey Lima / Unsplash