Philanthropy's Growing Interest in Participatory Grantmaking

Participatory grantmaking, according to an article by Inside Philanthropy, is drawing more attention these days if you consider "a growing body research, the Foundation Center’s embrace of the topic embrace of the topic, and heightened interest and field-building support from large institutions like the Ford Foundation and Open Society Foundations."

The piece states:

Participatory grantmaking is not an easy process, and it has its skeptics. But when done right, practitioners say it’s not only effective, but it can cut right to the heart of many of these problems of power and influence that plague philanthropy.

According to the GrantCraft guide, as this piece points out, “participatory grantmaking is a lever for disrupting and democratizing philanthropy.”

"A lot of people and institutions in the sector," mentions the piece, "really are seeking to use these pools of wealth to try to untangle serious racial, economic and other injustices. And for them, participatory grantmaking can be a powerful way to do so."

Read here the Inside Philanthropy article.

Image: Unsplash / "My Life Through A Lens"