A Nonprofit's Effort to Help Funders Reflect on DEI Initiatives

A conversation with staff about inclusion is fundamental in order for them to feel both welcome and able to contribute to a foundation’s work when sharing their experiences, affirms Kevin Bolduc, vice president of assessment and advisory services at the Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP).

In a recent blog post Bolduc explains that an exercise to rethink the Center for Effective Philanthropy's Staff Perception Report led them to hone and develop more in-depth survey questions.

The goal, he explains, was to build a broader dataset in which funders could reflect on and contextualize their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts:

The new survey items, which include both open and closed response questions, are now part of the survey for all funders that work with CEP to get feedback from their staffs. The questions explore the ways in which staff feel the funders they’re working for: demonstrate a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion internally and in their programs; are committed to and have practices that reflect a commitment to racial, gender, and other types of diversity; and have leadership that exemplifies those values.

As Bolduc highlights, "diversity and inclusion are linked to success" and with the survey's new questions, CEP hopes "to help foundations build the diverse, inclusive, and equitable organizations that will enhance their effectiveness."

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Image: Pixabay, Geralt