Nonprofit Wakanda Quarterly: What we're reading

The inaugural issue of the Nonprofit Wakanda Quarterly, a quarterly publication that seeks to "provide space for Black nonprofit leaders to flex their intellectual muscles in a way that will truly move the sector forward," according to George Suttles, one of the drivers of this publication, is out.

Suttles adds:

Much like Wakanda, though, true racial and gender equity in New York City's nonprofit sector is fictitious, so we must dream, imagine, and then reimagine what a Nonprofit Wakanda looks, feels, tastes, smells, sounds and pays like...we hold this space to share our own visions and in time, when we create our desired future, our history of struggle and achievement will have been precisely and accurately recorded.

Click here to explore the Fall-Winter Issue 2020.

Image: Screenshot of Nonprofit Wakanda Quarterly's cover