A Look at Artists who Hold Leadership Roles in their Cities

With the midterm elections two months away and as New York rolled out its primary election on Thursday, September 13, we showcase a story series by ArtPlace that points out to artists who hold leadership roles in their cities.

Carlos Contreras, National Poetry Slam champion and founder of Immastar Productions, sat down with ArtPlace to discuss his role as director of Innovation & Marketing for the Mayor’s Office in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and the role art has in his day by day.

"Have you had insights from your work in government that have informed your art practice? How about from your art practice that have informed your day job?" ArtPlace asked Contreras.

These days, sitting in this chair, the varied and surprisingly large network that was developed by my poetry posts and touring and workshops and speaking, in and around Albuquerque and the greater Southwest, is coming into play a lot. (...) The fact that my access point was originally created in the art space allows me to reach out and say, “Here’s what I’m talking about with the city, and it has everything to do with what you're doing.” In most municipalities, I don’t think you see that. That’s been neat, to feel like in some senses we are gaining a place for [these new] individuals at the table.

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Image: Immastar Productions website