A Guide for Philanthropic Transformation to Bring About Equity

Resonance: A Framework for Philanthropic Transformation is a guide that, according to the announcement, seeks to inspire institutions to redistribute wealth, democratize power, and shift economic control to communities.

Developed by Justice Funders and The Resonance Collaborative, the guide seeks to re-imagine practices that advance a just world, recognizing that "like all other forms of wealth in the United States, philanthropic wealth can be directly traced back to industries that relied on economic practices of extraction and exploitation, such as the theft of Indigenous land and genocide of Indigenous people, the kidnapping and enslavement of millions of African people, the systemic undervaluing of “women’s work” and the destruction of natural systems and the web of life."

The summary reads:

The transition from a system organized around limitless extraction and wealth accumulation to one organized around regeneration and resilience within natural limits is a transition in which philanthropy can play a catalytic role. As human-made and natural crises accelerate, it has become clear that incremental approaches are insufficient to manifest the large-scale changes we seek. We must take bold and transformative actions that have the potential to advance exponential change and forge a new path that will allow future generations to thrive.

Read the guide here.

Image: Pixabay/Heather Paque