Global First Nations Performance Network: A group of Indigenous performers begins work

Starting as a three-year pilot program and with partners in Australia, Canada, and the US, the Global First Nations Performance Network was recently launched during the First Nations Dialogues Lenapehoking/New York, a series of events that took place January 5-12 highlighting Indigenous performers.

The Art Newspaper reported that the network, a group of people and organizations dedicated to promote Indigenous performance internationally hopes to become “truly, globally Indigenous,” as choreographer Emily Johnson, one of the organizers, said.

The network's primary goal, explains the article, is to commission, fund, and tour work by Indigenous artists.

According to Johnson, to invest in Indigenous culture means,

You’re generating the possibility for further work. You’re developing the possibility for relationships that haven’t been in existence yet. You’re developing the possibility for settler colonial communities to come into an understanding of where they are and what they have taken.

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Image: Adele Wilkes/First Nations Dialogues website, Joshua Pether in Jupiter Orbiting