In Case You Missed It: The Arts & Science Council's journey to cultural equity

In its inaugural Cultural Equity report, the Arts & Science Council (ASC) shares the organization's journey of steps – and missteps – on its path to becoming an organization where its commitment to equity is reflected in its work.

As the introduction reads,

Before we can move forward, it is first imperative that we apologize and accept accountability for the role we have played in creating and perpetuating systems and structures that have exacerbated inequities in our cultural community and beyond.ASC has been complicit in upholding funding practices that elevate certain cultures, creative traditions, identities and art forms above others. These practices, upheld over many decades, have resulted in far too many community residents, individual creatives, emerging andAfrican, Latinx, Asian, Arab, Native American (ALAANA) organizations not having access to the same opportunities for growth and development that others in our community have enjoyed.

Read the report here.