February Member Spotlight: Threewalls

Threewalls enters its 20th year this summer, and it's an incredible moment to reflect on who they are as an organization that has been reimagined to be a Black art space that centers ALAANA artists' and creatives' humanities. Instead of following the tradition of looking back, when acknowledging a milestone year, they are reflecting on today and continuing to plant seeds for the future. Some of this includes preparing for the inaugural In-Session fellowship Spring salons that will offer conversations and activations based on the theme "call and response," their citywide public art installation Dreaming of a Future, which commemorates our 20th year and looks to the future, and developing our living wage policy for Threewalls.

They are also excited about expanding our fellowship programs to our national community! The strategic planning process around this expansion will embrace our way of being and Black feminist practice. With the expansion, Threewalls will be able to engage with and support ALAANA artists and creatives, particularly in communities where their community members are not receiving the kind of support for their research-based practices, artistic process, and overall wellness. Extending holistic care for artists and creatives (access to financial services, wellness coaching, and accessibility education) in addition to regranting funds to community members desiring a different world--one that is just and equitable--is exciting work on the horizon, and they are looking forward to the growth and world-building together.

You can also visit the Threewalls photo gallery on GIA's Photo Credits page