Time and Space

Residencies and Retreats for Individual Artists

Session Designer: Irene Borger, The Herb Alpert Foundation
Panelists: David Grant, Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation; Alexander Gray, Archipenko Foundation; Dean Stein, The Dyson Foundation; Vanessa Whang, National Endowment for the Arts

Time and space have long been recognized as elusive essentials in the artist's creative process. Whether at a colony or retreat center or as part of a long-term residency within a cultural institution, artists who spend time in communities other than their own bring with them—and derive in return—fresh ideas and creative renewal. This session will explore the characteristics of successful artists' residencies and retreats. How are they funded? Are there new models? How can one assess their effectiveness? Advocates for creating time and space for artists will address these issues and answer your questions.

This session will be presented off site at Kaatsbaan International Dance Center. Kaatsbaan was founded in 1990 as a work, residential, and performance facility, dedicated to the growth, advancement, and preservation of professional dance, with room for 90 visiting dance artists.


   Time and Space (312Kb)