Taking Philanthropy Seriously

Beyond Noble Intentions to Responsible Giving

William Damon and Susan Verducci, editors

2006, 254 pages. Indiana University Press, 601 North Morton Street, Bloomington, IN 47404, iupress.indiana.edu

Based on a study called the GoodWork Project, conducted by three universities (Stanford, Harvard, and Claremont Graduate Uni-versity), this book is a collection of essays, case studies, and strategies dealing with the state of modern American philanthropy. It examines philanthropy from many different points of view to suggest successful models for responsible giving. The essays focus on the obstacles that are inherent to successful philanthropy as well as those that are unique to American philanthropy. The case stud-ies present concrete examples of those obstacles and the strategies for overcoming them. A collection of many different voices, Taking Philanthropy Seriously presents a wide view of the philanthropic field and differing possibilities for positive action.