People, Land, Arts, Culture, and Engagement

Taking Stock of the PLACE Initiative

Tucson Pima Arts Council

Edited by Kimi Eisele and Leia Maahs. 2013, 48 pages, Tucson Pima Arts Council, Tucson, Ariz.

Since developing the PLACE Initiative in 2010, Tucson Pima Arts Council has funded fifty-three projects designed to transform and reimagine communities while addressing critical issues within them. The vital role of the intermediary becomes evident; TPAC does not simply regrant funds but serves as a facilitator in policy making, a convener of critical dialogue, and a connector of artists, organizations, audiences, and community members. All fifty-three projects, listed or highlighted in the report, provide essential feedback on their process and practice — effectively ensuring that the initiative’s strategic framework is a dynamic one.