Make the Pie Higher

Corporate America and Support for Arts and Culture

Session Designers: Kathi Pavlick, The Chase Manhattan Bank and Suzanne M. Sato, AT&T Foundation

While “making the pie higher” may have been a Presidential mixed metaphor, the slippage in corporate funding for the arts is a matter for concern. Traditional sources disappear; business pressures drive the shift to strategic grantmaking that builds corporate brand identity; new or realigned corporate donors emerge. What does this mean for the balance of donor support within communities? Are arts and culture holding their own in the face of internal business pressures or have corporate staff and policy changes marginalized the case for the arts? How can GIA engage more corporate donors as active members in the arts funding community? In this session, corporate donors share internal realities and creative solutions that have yet to prove their viability.


   Make the Pie Higher (391Kb)