Funding for Cultural Organizations in Metro Boston

Organized by Ann McQueen, senior program officer, The Boston Foundation, Presented by Anne Freeh Engel, associate; Technical Development Corporation (TDC); Susan Nelson, principal, TDC; and Ann McQueen

In a PowerPoint presentation, the authors of a forthcoming report will preview findings about funding for arts and cultural organizations in metro Boston. This work, an update of the 2003 Boston Foundation publication "Funding for Cultural Organizations in Boston and Nine Other Metropolitan Areas," compares 1999 and 2004 data from the Boston PMSA to examine contributed and earned income before and after the economic downturn. The discussion will focus on the findings' implications for local arts organizations and local and national funders: Where does the money come from and who gets it? What was the impact of the national economic downturn? Are there too many nonprofits? The discussion will impact the final report which the Boston Foundation anticipates releasing in spring 2007.


   Funding for Cultural Organizations in Metro Boston (240Kb)