Digital Workshop

Session Designers: Kevin Duggan, Consultant; Suzanne M. Sato, AT&T Foundation
Moderator: Carl Goodman, American Museum of the Moving Image
Panelists: Kevin Duggan, Consultant; Karen Helmerson, New York State Council on the Arts; Joan Shigekawa, The Rockefeller Foundation
Artists: Toni Dove, Leah Gilliam, Yael Kanarek

New media? Computer art? New technologies? Digital media? GIA members have demonstrated their ongoing interest in learning more about what artists are doing in digital media with large numbers of members participating in the evening and preconference sessions focusing on this new technologies, first in San Francisco and last year in Minneapolis.

The Digital Workshop aims at both demystifying the terminology and providing insight into the range of artists' work going on in this field today. This two part-session will be led by Carl Goodman, Cu Color rator of Digital Media at the American Museum of the Moving Image in Long Island City, New York. His introductory remarks will provide an overview of what artists are up to in digital media, placing it in an historical context, and foreshadowing trends in new media. These remarks will segue into a discussion of funding challenges, by donors working in this arena. To get a feel for the kinds of work that Carl will be discussing, log on at, and click on Online Exhibitions.

Following a brief break, several award-winning artists will demonstrate their work and discuss how they have integrated cutting-edge technology into their art. Digital tools (often forged by the artists themselves) have led to the redefinition of interactivity, with the pervasive influence of the commercial game industry playing a significant role. The resulting change in the artist-audience relationship can shape and contribute to this new work in exciting ways. These artists will address the ways that technology is challenging notions of audience, authorship and narrative convention. Breaking into small groups, you will be able to experience the work and discuss it with the artists.


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