Built to Last

Linking Communities of Grantees

Session Designers: Adam Bernstein, Arts International; Bethany Wall, Joyce Mertz-Gilmore Foundation
Moderator: John Kreidler, Cultural Initiatives Silicon Valley
Panelists: Beth Kanter, New York Foundation for the Arts; David White, Dance Theatre Workshop

Most funders are only able to support worthy institutions over a limited time period. Though many of our strategies are intended to have long-term impact, we are often unable to develop systems and practices that sustain institutions over time. We often ask ourselves, what remains for grantees after our funding is gone? Can the project be sustained? Have the skills been passed on to other staff? Has our grant left an organization or group of organizations equipped to fulfill their mission or complete their project when we are no longer funding partners? In this session you will learn about several instances where funders and nonprofit practitioners have created effective learning models and information networks that can be sustained beyond the period of the initial grant.


   Built to Last (407Kb)