The Big Picture

Planning for the Future of Culture in Communities

Session Designer: Kathleen Cerveny, The Cleveland Foundation
Panelists: Peggy Amsterdam, The Cleveland Foundation; Kinshasha Holman, Conwill New York Foundation for the Arts; Thomas Schorgl, Community Partnership for Arts and Culture (Cleveland); Regina Smith, Arts and Sciences Council of Charlotte-Mecklenburg

Just as a cultural institution must periodically take stock of its strategic position within a community, so do cities need to examine the impact of growth, development, resource shifts, and change on the cultural community as a whole. This session will focus on the design and implementation of several cultural planning, mapping, or policy development processes; each responding to specific but varied community conditions. Presenters will identify the issues that led to their planning efforts, define the scope and purpose of their work, and, in some cases, share significant outcomes. Who supports these efforts? Who benefits?


   The Big Picture (396Kb)